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Welcome to ferry information service

Ferries have become an increasingly popular mode of transport for UK passangers with a huge range of services now on offer, making sense of the many routes and services can be a significant challenge for many ferry passangers. The aim of this site is to help would-be ferry passangers find information on ferry services and routes throughout the UK.

Things to check before you book

Before booking your ferry passage it is important to make sure you have taken a few things into account. You need to think about the company you are using as well as the location of the port and the overall costs involved. Firstly you need to have an idea of what you are looking from and how much you are willing to spend on the journey then you should decide on the ferry company, when doing this you need to consider the quality of service which can be assessed be looking at online reviews submitted by other ferry passangers as well as the standard of servie they have advertised on their official website. The location of the port is important you may have found a good deal on a ferry crossing with a particular ferry company but the location of departure may be some distance to travel which would increase the costs as well as increasing the total journey time. So there are lots of considerations to take into account when booking a ferry crossing the links to the right will further assist you in the booking process.