About Dmitry Mazepin: Early Life, Education & Career

Born back in 1968 in a small town in the heart of Belarus called Minsk, Dmitry Mazepin has grown to become a world-renowned figure in Russia and the world over. Currently worth over $1.3 Billion this staunch business mans beginnings were as humble as that of an ordinary boy trying to find purpose in life.

  • Early Life, Education, and Career

Business style of Dmitry Mazepin

In 1985, Dmitry Mazepin graduated from the Suvorov Military Academy, where he seems to have trained and cultivated a sense of discipline. It is this discipline that leads him to Afghanistan a year later, where he worked as a military interpreter.

In 1992 he graduated from MGIMO University with a Bachelors degree in economics. It is with this background that he builds a strong foundation in the finance sector. It is from here that Dmitry Mazepin builds a solid reputation earning him a seat at the table working in large Russian corporations.

Shooting for the sky, Dmitry Mazepin went ahead to serve in top positions in large companies like TNK-BP, a Russian oil company, and Sibur, another gas producing company, among other privately owned and government-owned companies.

All these great achievements did not stop him from pursuing further studies and building towards his dreams. If anything, they seem to have propelled him, which explains why in 2008, he graduated again with a first-class honors degree in Organization Management at the St. Petersburg Institute for Economics and Management.

Four years later, Dmitry Mazepin would earn a Ph.D. in the same university after successfully presenting a thesis on stock market management increased probability to grow an oil manufacturing company given the right systematic approach.

  • Notable Appointments and Achievements

where Dmitry Mazepin studied

As you can already imagine, Dmitry Mazepin had all his ducks in a row ready for whatever challenge and opportunities the world had in store for him. In 2003 he shifted gears and left Sibur Oil Company seeking greener pastures, which led him to Gazprom, Siburs mother company.

He managed to stabilize the company as it had suffered immense losses and debts due to poor management of the former top management executives.

In 2004 Dmitry founded his own company, Constructive Bureau. This company started by buying stakes in companies like the Kirovo-Chepetsk Chemical Company, Halogen, Khimprom (now Renova), Berezniki Chemical Works (Azot) , and Mineral Fertilizers Works in Perm .

Constructive Bureau bought a majority of the shares in Kirovo-Chepetsk Chemical Company, replacing his old company Gazprom which before then, was the majority shareholder. In 2005, Dmitry Mazepin was named the board chairman of the chemical company.

  • The Birth of Uralchem

In 2007, Dmitry Mazepin decided to put all his eggs in one basket and took the plunge by gathering all the assets he had earned to start URALCHEM United Chemicals, a public joint-stock firm. He chaired the company and led it to acquire majority stakes in Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers which he later headed by upping his stake to 100%.

achievements of Dmitry Mazepin

Through URALCHEM, he went on to acquire stakes in other world-renowned companies based in Moscow, a move he seems to have mastered and used to climb up the wealth and career ladder.

URALCHEM now has its sights in Africa. Word is that Dmitry Mazepin is trying to establish his companies URALCHEM and Urkali in several countries in Africa including Angola, Zambia, Mozambique, Kenya and Zimbabwe. It is here where he plans to set base as a major fertilizer producer.

Plans are already underway to build a fertilizer processing plant in Angola with the capacity of producing up to one million tons per year. Uralchem is now supplying high-quality fertilizer in countries like Kenya, Angola, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

If his track record is anything to go by, it looks like the 52-year-old Dmitry has no plans to stop, through his company URALCHEM the signs are clear as day that he is set to take over the world.