5 Best Locks for Your Front Door

The one place that anyone should feel secure is inside his or her own home. At times, achieving this can be difficult. However, with a good investment in the best locks for your doors, you can be assured of safety all year round without many worries. The following are the 5 best locks for your front door that you can try out. And this is broughb to you by locksmith lewisham – ITCC Lockmisths

  1. Handlesets/Entry Locksets

These locks can be locked from either inside or outside thanks to their two doorknobs. There is a small button on the inside doorknob that locks the door when turned or pressed. On the other hand, in order to open the outside knob, a key must be present. The handle is also quite attractive with a decorative exterior design interiors.

  1. Deadbolts Locks

These locks are not designed using any springs giving them their “dead” name. They are also considered to offer the most security for your front door. They come in two types:

  • Single-cylinder – Has a turning button on the inside knob and a key for the outside knob.
  • Double-Cylinder – Uses keys to lock and unlock both the inside and outside doorknobs also done by bromley Locksmiths


  1. Keyless Locks

Just as their name suggest, these locks do not use any key to operate. They are quite convenient and advanced in terms of home security. The locks are opened using special codes that the owner chooses privately.

  1. Mortise Locks

These locks have a rectangular design of a flat box that fits perfectly into a small enclosure from the doors edge. Included in the package are also two faceplates that have keyholes and knobs. When the door is not locked, the latch operates easily from either side. However, when it’s outside knob is locked, the latch cannot open.

  1. Smart Locks

These are technologically advanced locks that are fitted with deadbolts that are Bluetooth enabled and even include fingerprint scanners. They ensure extra safety for your home as only an authorized individual can only open them.