A review about EE mobile signal Booster

EE mobile signal boosters have gained popularity over the last few years. The idea of getting faster internet, better communication, and reliable coverage and reception without having to connect to WiFi has been quite appealing to most people. As one of the major suppliers of EE signal boosters in the country, Mobile Signal Boosters is dedicated to ensuring a seamless user experience for you. With that in mind, here is a brief review of EE signal boosters.

What Is EE Mobile Signal Booster Used For?

EE mobile phone signal boosters are network enhancement devices used to correct EE signal problems. The purpose of the device is to improve cellular signals in areas with poor reception. At Mobile Signal Boosters, you get a complete EE signal booster set that is compatible with virtually all network providers. The package includes:

 Phone Signal Booster Nikrans

  • Two antennas
  • An EE signal amplifier

The first antenna should be mounted outside the house to catch any signalsfrom nearby towers. The signal amplifier inside the house receives and enhances the poor signal, then relays it to the indoor antenna. The latter finally distribute the enhanced network around the house.

Choosing An EE Mobile Signal Booster

There are two types of booster packages to choose from standard and extra boosting signal. The standard package is ideal if your signal has 3 to 5 bars, which is typically easier to detect with an EE mobile signal booster. The Extra-Power Boost package is more powerful and primarily designed to detect even the weakest of signals (including 1 bar signals). It is suitable if you are struggling with poor signal strengths with only 1 to 3 bars.

You dont have to get the Extra-Power Boost if you have a decent signal, as you will only end up with an expensive device that you dont really need. In most cases involving 2 to 3 signal bars, your needs may be satisfied with the much more affordable standard package. Some general pros and cons of EE mobile signal boosters include:

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  • One-time payment, no monthly fees
  • Resolves poor call quality,
  • Ends dropped calls,
  • Improves sluggish internet,
  • Stops slow text messages, and poor reception
  • Enhances poor 3G and 4G connectivity



  • Some level of handiness may be required during installation
  • A more powerful model is required in dead zones with little to no reception


If you are looking for a reliable and affordable EE signal booster to improve your network connection, Mobile Signal Boosters have got you covered. We have a wide range of gadgets that are tailored made to meet all your connectivity requirements. Get in touch with us today – https://www.mobile-signal-boosters.co.uk/contact/