Tips For All The Airbnb Hosts In UK To Increase Their Revenues As A Host

As an Airbnb host in the UK, you want your guests to feel comfortable and as if they are home away from home; this is the only way to get morefavourable reviews. For this to happen, you need to be polite, sociable, welcoming and generous. you can try out the following tips to increase your hosting revenues.;

  1. Safety
  • Emergency Numbers

Everyone wants to be sure of their safety when being hosted. To begin with, try to list down the local emergency numbers of the nearest hospitals as well as police. In the case of an emergency when you are not around, your guests should find help without any difficulties. Herewith in mind, put the contact numbers in a clear and visible location not forgetting to include some backup numbers including yours.

  • First Aid Kit and Fire SafetyTips For All The Airbnb Hosts In UK To Increase Their Revenues As A Host

A First Aid Kit should always be readily available in the event of an accident. Include fire safety precautions as well and emergency exit routes. It’s also recommendable to have a map of the area at your guest’s disposal n case they need to take a walk, jog, or get some groceries.

  1. Hazards

As an Airbnb host, ensure that your home is safe for your guests at all times. Go through the entire house to check whether there are any areas of hazard such as:

  • Naked wires – if there are any exposed wires, fix them before the guests arrive.
  • Tripping areas – If there is a place that can cause someone to trip or fall, try to mark them clearly and if they are repairable, repair accordingly to remove the hazard.
  • Put medicines away; lock away all your medicines in your room, in case the guest visits with little children.
  1. Ventilationsairbnb logo

Considering that Airbnb guests vary, some with allergies and others with medical conditions, ensure that your home is well ventilated at all times. Mark the temperature control settings visibly and make sure everything is functional.

  1. Appliances

Indicate to your guests how to use heaters safely. If you are using gas appliances, don’t forget to include a carbon monoxide detector that is perfectly functional. The gas appliances should also be well maintained and safe to use.


One way increase your Airbnb hosting revenue is to ensure the safety of your guests at all times. Make sure that in the case of an emergency, your guests can easily get help. Your house should also have all the safety regulations put in place.