Tips for cleaning your Lobby

Your lobby area is an impressive area for the customers you easily get attracts to your business once they enter your office. If you welcome your clients, customer or business partners with fresh and clean entrances, they feel comfortable and you gain their impression in the first moment. Customer attraction and satisfaction are the two major factors for every business. Here we listed some lobby cleaning tips to impress your employees and customers given by the NO 1 end of tenancy cleaning in London by Quick Cleaning

  1. Start with Floors

Your lobby floors get easily accumulate with the dust, grime and dirt, this is an expectable one in your business place. so, you should take care of those floor carpets, tiles, and foot area. Create a cleaning schedule for your floors to treat with the mess and to eliminate the hard stains from your floor. You must sweep the hard floor multiple times and vacuum the carpet floor on a daily basis. If any spill occurs clean them immediately to get rid of heavy stains and any color change in your carpet.

Your floor should be maintained on a regular basis and you must monitor the foot traffic and also about the climate because in the rainy season you can spot more dirt and also in the windy season.Clean your lobby furniture

  1. Clean Lobby Furniture

Lobby furniture is the next attractive thing that gets the first impressive look from your guests and visitors. Sofa, chairs, in your lobby, can face dirt, oil, food particles, and tea or juice spills. If you not cleaned those ones regularly it will become build-ups. So, a regular wipe-off and regular vacuum make these products to look good and it helps to create a good impressive look from your visitors. So, your furniture should be cleaned professionally once a month for a good look.

  1. Clean the kick Plates

Kick plates are another major part of the lobby that must be maintained properly to get attract easily by the viewers. These plats can easily become dirty, because of the roadside dust and pollution. wipe off the kick plates on both sides and make your company name clear. Do it once in a week to avoid heavy dust and stains.

4.Wipe Down window

clean your office window

Like other places in a lobby, dust is gathering on the window sides. You can clean it with the help of a duster. While sweeping your floor try to clean the window dust daily every morning. This will help to prevent heavy dust build-up. For the window glass dust, a single wipe off will helps to glow the glass windows.

  1. Keep the Reception area neat

The focus of the lobby is the reception area. So, organizing this place makes your entire lobby clean and neat. Instruct all your workers to maintain the reception place in an organized way. Arrange all the files and newspapers in the specified rack. Trash the unwanted files and papers and used stationery products out of reception. Regularly change the flowers and wipe off the dust in the wall hangings.